About Us
La Gelateria has been making Italian style frozen desserts in Hawaiʻi since 1981.  Our handcrafted gelato and sorbetto are made fresh daily in small batches at our factory in Honolulu. For our classic Italian flavors, we bring the highest quality ingredients in from Italy.  For other fruit and herb flavored gelato and sorbetto we use local ingredients whenever possible.  Doing this allows us to highlight the quality of Hawaii’s produce, while ensuring that our product is as fresh and flavorful as it can be.

Our Story
La Gelateria was created in Hawaiʻi in 1981 by Italian-born Maurice Grasso, who came to America as an electrical engineer in 1956.  He would eventually discover  and fall in love with Hawaiʻi while vacationing in the islands during a time he was working in the Marshall Islands. 
Grasso was determined to find a way to stay in Hawaiʻi, and found the answer in gelato—in his opinion, there just wasn’t any good ice cream on the islands. So, he returned to Italy, learned the fine art of crafting gelato and sorbetto, and in 1981 opened La Gelateria in Honolulu to the delight of many restaurants, hotels and gelato lovers.  
After nearly 30 years of creating and serving up the island’s best Italian frozen desserts, Grasso decided that he might like to move toward retirement, sell his business and enjoy more free time.  
Meanwhile, Kenwei Chong and Erik Ludwick, who had admired Grasso’s creations for several years when Grasso would make custom flavors for the E&O Trading Company restaurant, heard through mutual friends that Maurice was considering selling La Gelateria. Kenwei and Erik both jumped at the opportunity to continue what Grasso had started, and ultimately bought the company.
Today, Maurice continues to be an integral part of the business, guiding the La Gelateria team and ensuring that his fine art of gelato making is passed on to the next generation.  At La Gelateria we are committed to quality, freshness and offering the very best frozen Italian desserts on the islands.  
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        La Gelateria
              Made in Hawaiʻi since 1981